A thought-leader, ‘NeuroHacker’ and passionate speaker using Neuroscience, Human Behaviour and Psychology to elevate the human experience in the workplace

Adele NeuroHacker

A Quick Glimpse at the NeuroHacker

For years, Adele has worked with leaders and organisations to help them elevate and reach their potential.  Using cutting-edge science in a way that is understandable, inclusive and accessible for all, Adele is now leading the way in applying brain science to business for a happier, healthier and more productive society.


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If you are looking for something different, then Adele is the ideal choice to educate, motivate and inspire any audience.

Adele Bryant is a Neuroscientist and invigorating business speaker on the science of greater human performance in the workplace.  She is ‘The NeuroHacker’ and the founder of Cogito FX Limited – a brain-based training agency in the Midlands, UK.

Having observed (and experienced first-hand) the effects of poor ‘brain health’ because of workplace pressures and ‘busy-ness’, Adele fears that we are a species heading for a catastrophic ‘burn-out’ of epic proportions.  Never have we had to deal with such unprecedented pressures on our personal and professional lives as now.

We are living in a VUCA world – where life is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.  We are pushed to think, do and create more than we ever have before … And we are testing our brains and bodies to their limits…

Are you looking for a keynote or motivational speaker?  Adele delivers interesting and valuable content, in an engaging and thought provoking way to any event.

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Whatever the topic or purpose of event, Adele simultaneously inspires and motivates audiences alongside presenting real-world, practical strategies and solutions for change.

In her fascinating talks, Adele guides audiences through the cutting-edge brain science of happiness, well-being and effectiveness, to prepare resilient and successful leaders of the future.

With her most popular presentations covering themes such as the following, Adele is the perfect choice for your speaking event:

NeuroLeadership / Leadership Development

Creative and Innovative Thinking

Developing Resilience (in a VUCA world)

Brain Health, Lifestyle and Performance

Understanding the ‘Social Brain’ to Enhance Culture, Communication and Collaboration

Uncovering and Reaching Our Own Human Potential

Understanding and Leveraging the Power of the Unconscious Brain

Problem Solving and Decision Making

How to Survive and Thrive in an Increasingly Challenging Business Environment