Powered by Neuroscience, Human Behaviour and Psychology, COGITO FX exists to elevate the human experience in the workplace.

We are passionate about PEOPLE and believe that by applying up-to-the-minute research in practical and real-world ways, we can help to create a happier, healthier and more productive society.


We are living in a VUCA world… where life is volatile, uncertaincomplex and ambiguous. We are pushed to think, do and create more than we ever have before…AND we are being pushed to our LIMITS…

Never before have we had to deal with such unprecedented pressures on our personal and professional lives. Because of our lack of time, mental bandwidth and intellectual diversity, our performance, effectiveness and well-being are becoming severely impacted.

Learning the secrets of how to optimise our brain’s performance is now critical for developing future-proofed leaders in any size organisation.  Cogito FX’s NeuroAdvantageᵀᴹ programme will help you expand your potential as an individual and an organisation, through our very own revolutionary brain-based development methodology and leadership model.

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